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White label Or Private Label E Juice – Make Your Selection

Breathing life into one’s e-liquid vision can be a tad bit dicey, but not when you know what you are doing. 

In other words, you will need to significantly know the basics right for a white label e juice and every little benefit that you can reap out of it. Considering the fact that the vape market is no short of an ocean, it would be a fool’s call to keep your options limited. 

With private label e liquid manufacturing you will always have a chance to stay ahead of the game and expand your horizon–new flavors, new prospects, more profit; do you see the big picture here? 

At Oceania Liquid Labs, we are all day ready to roll up our sleeves to help you get on the right track for your dream e-juice brand. 

This post takes a closer dig in exploring the subtlety involved in choosing white label E liquid manufacturing and everything else in between.

So, what is a white label E liquid manufacturing anyway?

Simply put, a white or private label refers to a saleable product that requires no specific branding. Thus, companies can purchase such products and apply their own branding and ship it out to their consumers, as they desire. 

In essence, white labeling is full-proof and legal way for any company without adequate manufacturing capability to develop their own line of products at a fraction of cost and also reach established retailers in the market.

Is there any difference between white label and private label 

Well, not really, or to some extent, a pretty subtle difference that can differentiate one term from another. 

You see, white label goods are open and available for any organization to buy, while on the other hand we have private label stuff that is only reserved to be sold exclusively to an organization.

Take Ibuprofen for instance. It’s a perfect white label medicine that is manufactured by a white label manufacturing company and further allows companies like Asda to purchase and sell them with their own branding. 

So, the key difference being things are not limited to selling just Ibuprofen to one single retailer, but just about anyone who wishes to buy the same product and stamp it with their own branding. Thus, it saves the buying company from having to spend on infrastructure and get products manufactured at a much cheaper rate.

Why Oceania Liquids Labs can be your best choice 

Oceania has coined a considerable reputation for themselves as the most preferred E liquid manufacturer of Australia. Having worked with the best of local and global brands, they naturally have an edge to the state of affairs across the e-liquid industry.

Armed with a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical-grade ISO 7 cleanroom laboratory, Oceania houses fully automated machinery that offers full range batch code traceability for filling, capping, and branding of each product accounting for superior quality and assurance. 

Furthermore, Oceania’s OEM E liquid manufacturing services also allow for one and all clients to develop their preferred e-liquid flavors and expand their existing range, if any. Working with Oceania readily means you adhere to a premium tag for your brand.

And, that’s not all! 

Oceania Liquids is also equipped with the finest branding, marketing, warehousing, and distributing services, all under one roof so that you don’t have to look anywhere else. From creating alluring graphics for your brand, maintaining inventory on your behalf, and complete picking, packing, and shipping to exclusive retailers, there is nothing more that you can ask for.  

So, don’t wait up! Here’s your best cue ever to get started and make a name for your own e-liquid brand.