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Starting A Premium E juice Business In 2022 Is Easier Than You Think

The popularity of vaping is increasing with Aussie vapers taking up e-cigarettes at a rate faster than anywhere else in the world.  With that in mind, it’s quite possible that you are thinking of starting your own premium e-liquid business in Australia. 

There is so much competition in the vape market, thus making the business more tempting and lucrative. But some of them are failing due to a lack of proper planning and strategy. 

In this article, we talk about the top areas one needs to have a solid understanding of before jumping into a premium e-juice business launch. 


Type Of Store For Your Business

Start by considering whether your business will operate through an online store or a brick-and-mortar shop. Choose a model that is more comfortable from your perspective. For example, opening an online store allows you an opportunity to reach a wider audience. You can also choose to operate with both models.

As you expand in your operations, you may decide to open both types. Take for example you open a brick-and-mortar shop and things go over really well. Once you start churning a profit, you can invest some of your earnings toward starting an online store.

Selling online gives you the chance to reach an audience from all over the globe. Regardless of whether you sell online or not, you can still take advantage of online marketing. Make sure to make a profile on Facebook for your brick-and-mortar store. Publish regular posts to keep your brand fresh in the minds of your audience.


Product Research

While starting an e-juice business is to learn everything about the vaping industry. Product research is paramount for any business, including the e-juice company. Invest time and resources researching to know the type of product you will sell in your shop. 

One can definitely think of premium liquid labs if they want quality e-juices for their customers. During product research, learn about the pg and VG ratio of alien piss vape juice, flavoring, and its vape cloud potential.


Wholesale Supply

To make money selling e-juice, you have two options: Make the e-juice yourself or buy on a large scale basis from an E liquid manufacturer. You can buy e-juice bottles in bulk from a manufacturer for around a lesser price and sell them at higher ones. 

Keeping track of good-quality e juice labs will be profitable for you in the long run. The quality of e-liquid you will feed your customer will decide your business profits. 



If you choose to take the route of making your own e-juice, you’ll need to come up with a custom recipe that appeals to a large audience. You’ll also need to partner with a private label e-juice manufacturing. 

This manufacturer can help you formulate your recipe as well as come up with a design for your bottles. Additionally, partnering with a manufacturer is beneficial because it can connect you with various shipping providers that give you discounted rates on shipping. Saving money on shipping is a great way to maximize your profit margin.

These days everything vaping is also of a much higher standard.  Gone are the days of poor products and poor packaging being acceptable. Just look at some of the latest innovations in hardware there’s touch screen vaping, dry hit detection, and prevention.


Vaping Devices

In addition to selling e-juice, you can sell vaping devices. These devices, of course, go hand in hand with e-juice and are great for upselling. If you want to sell vaping devices, you’ll likely want to take advantage of dropshipping. 

To dropship, you’ll partner with a manufacturer of vaping devices. You’ll sign a contract that outlines your wholesale purchasing price, and the manufacturer will drop ship the sales you make. All you have to do is advertise the devices on your website.


Marketing Strategy

Marketing is another crucial element of any business.  You’ve got a great product and great branding but without traffic how will you sell any of it?   As a nicotine product, it’s tougher to market e-liquid and vaping hardware along the normal routes of marketing, especially online.  For example, you can’t use certain online marketing channels.  

But the use of social media is key.  You can’t advertise on Facebook or Google Adwords, but you can use your Facebook and Twitter pages to promote your business. Competitions and giveaways can be a good source of traffic, and if you’ve set up a shop, local advertising can help create awareness. 

Using your customer’s word of mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing tools available.


Thus starting your own e-juice company is much easier than many other types of businesses. As an entrepreneur, it’s important that you do the best for your customers. Relying on an e juice factory nearby will be cost-effective and productive as well. 

Use the tips above as great starting points for becoming a successful entrepreneur.