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Reasons To Buy Vape Juice From Oceania

Despite facing uncertainties, the Vape industry in Australia has witnessed growth like no other. 

A study reports a lift from 4.4% to 9.7% in 2016, of people who made the shift to vaping. Thereafter, a harsh fall in tobacco consumption (around 11%) was recorded that year. 

At the onset of 2018, the e-juice manufacturing industry was evaluated to be around $14.05 billion at the global level, which is expected to reach $29.39 billion by 2022. 

Do you get that 20% growth!

The increase in consciousness of alternate smoking has paved the way for several OEM E liquid manufacturers. We provide bulk supplies to vape retail shops with an expanded variety of vapour liquids.  

What is OEM? 

Original equipment manufacturers or OEMs like Oceania make white label products that have no specific branding. When companies purchase products from them, we can apply their customised branding and ship it out to the retailers

White label e-liquid manufacturing is the most favored choice for vape retailers that allow vape retailers to ship products paying no mediator. It allows smaller vape businesses to cut overhead costs and grow their customer base with the least viable expense. 

Their flexibility of access, quality products and customer-friendly relations has made a giant number of companies take supply from them. 

Let us see how buying from local E juice labs can leverage the vape business.

  • World-class Manufacturing: 

To serve their customers with nothing but the best, the manufacturing has created a cleanroom area for hygienic production 

Oceania’s cleanroom facility does the research, manufacturing, testing, branding, storing, and distribution. Its cleanroom e juice is granted the best in quality. 

It has 360-degree operational productivity, unlike others. 

As the market gains power with demand for a premium collection of vape juices, Oceania Liquid Labs prefers to work with consumers from a solid perspective. 

Plus, their ISO 7 and pharmaceutical-grade ejuice lab have an automated machinery filling system that helps save time and promotes productivity.

Thus, we commit to forming the ground rules of quality support in every way.

Wait. It has got more to it. 

Oceania’s machinery has led customers to faster production and delivery, without ruining the quality. 

It influences many vape retailers for a lucrative startup like a vape business. Oceania’s range of products is its USP. The shop retailers are bound to thaw! 

  • Best Practices of Branding and Marketing 

As Oceania promises to deliver full-scale services, we have a dedicated creative team to permeate life into all creative ideas. 

We offer both branding and marketing solutions to their customers so we can focus only on establishing a decent customer base.

If you are someone in a dilemma about whether to give vape retailing a shot, it’s prime time you must decide. Oceania will help you launch your products if you are a newbie. Incorporating into the entire process with them will make you an expert dealer in no time. 

  • Efficient warehousing and product distribution

3PL Service: Ever wondered if you have to pay for inventories? 

Or does that sound too pricey? 

With an E liquid manufacturing company, you get to focus only on your shop and customers!

Yes, that’s right. 

Their multi-serve logistics operation allows you to use their warehouse facilities for storing your inventory. Thus storing made simple. 

Clients taking their product under the name Oceania Liquid e-juice lab can enjoy an exclusive warehouse facility. Thus, you get help in two ways: in stocking, building your inventory, and seamlessly adapting to a fast delivery channel to ship products locally as well as globally.

All you need to do is tracking your shipments and waiting for them to get delivered in a few days. 

Oceania’s services also allow most of their clients to develop their preferred e-liquid flavours and expand their existing range if any. Working with Oceania readily means you adhere to a premium tag for your brand.


Starting a business can be hectic, but with proper planning and strategy, you can hit that threshold. It’s important that you understand your needs and plan accordingly. 

Oceania, being one of the best Australian e juice makers, is doing its best to support small business owners to grow from scratch. 

Let them help you.